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Kupuri: Una colección inspirada en los misterios del mar #Kupuricolorfull

Kupuri: A collection inspired by the mysteries of the sea #Kupuricolorfull

Inspired by the magic of this site, Regina Castillo presents a collection that bears the name of Kupuri.

It is a limited edition of extra large earrings, which through a mixture of bright colors and unusual textures seek to be the protagonist of your outfit.

Spontaneous and full of lights and nuances, each one of the pieces in this collection revives that feeling of being at the mercy of the sea and its vital caress. Both for those relaxing days on the beach and for your summer outfits, this collection incorporates details that will add a distinctive touch to your image: woven fan-shaped drops in radiant colors such as colonial yellow, cenote blue, Lacandón green, pink coral, bright burgundy and bright red, shades that represent the diversity of Mexico.

In Kupuri the mysticism of the ocean and the force of the waves merge, in designs that reflect the natural wealth of our ecosystems. Regina Castillo offers a collection with lots of light, which blends good taste with the spontaneity and freshness that the sea inspires. On this occasion, the leading role is occupied by three different designs.

The octopus: a universal symbol of purity. It is an animal full of mystery, which lives in the deepest waters and is capable of regenerating its tentacles. A marine hero in every sense of the word, who contains the wisdom to reinvent himself and close cycles. In Kupuri, we find this animal immortalized in three different colors, which you can alternate depending on the occasion.

Fish, animals that have complete control of the waters, and are the spitting image of transformation and change. On this occasion, we pay tribute to the infinite variety of species that inhabit the waters: an explosion of colour, movement and textures that exude vitality.

Pineapples are incorporated into this collection as a fun and spontaneous element, but one that also carries an important symbolic charge. The freshness, the exoticism and, above all, its meaning as an element of hospitality, make this fruit an indisputable character within the Kupuri pieces.

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