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Bugs: una línea inspirada en la naturaleza de lo mínimo #Beemybugs

Bugs: a line inspired by the nature of the minimal #Beemybugs

Nature is synonymous with freedom and beauty.

In each of its elements we find the reflection of life and its various manifestations, in forms as varied as they are wonderful. An endless range of colors, textures and shapes that unfold before us to remind us of the beauty that lives in the organic.

Bugs are an ever-present element in Regina Castillo's designs. The origin of it goes back to his childhood, when he used to catch all kinds of insects to stuff them and learn more about them. Falling in love with the complexity of its anatomy, and with the beauty of each of the species she found, Regina inspired her daughters with that great respect for nature and, above all, for her beloved critters. It is they who some time later, infected by their love for the company, motivated Regina to create Bugs: a tribute to the childhood of all those women who, like her, found in nature a way to feel free, full of harmony. They have taken Regina by the hand and with that in mind, now together they embark on a new path of sensory experiences thanks to this collection, which through the use of new materials and textures, inaugurates a much more jovial facet and with a view to a younger public within the career of the queen of bugs.

Thus arises Bugs , a line where the protagonists are the bugs: those enigmatic animals that inhabit the universe of the minimal. Fantasy, enigma, and above all the impulse to discover what exists beyond what we can see with the naked eye are just some of the ways in which Regina's bugs materialize to fill your outfit with light.

Bugs is a line of accessories made in a magical alloy of metals, using different stones with contrasting colors and full of life. With the indisputable presence of insects in each of the designs, Regina, accompanied by her daughters, creates pieces ready to wear on any occasion, based on vibrant tones that will give any outfit the precise touch to capture the eye. The star of Bugs are, without a doubt, the bugs, which have been handcrafted by Regina's goldsmith workshop: a job that pays special attention to every detail to result in unique pieces of exceptional quality.

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