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The sea is the perfect setting to frame that feeling of freedom and renewal...

The beating of its waves purifies us and allows us to find a new world before our senses. Thinking about all this, and for this spring-summer season, Litibú presents: a collection that shines by itself, and that brings with it a message of unity. Its name is inspired by the Nayarit bay that bears the same name of Huichol origin, which means 'singing of birds'.

Everything comes from the sea and everything ends up returning to it. In the sea we are transformed and find a new life; finally, its waters purify us and remind us that life is a cycle, and it is best to let ourselves be carried away by the current. With Litibú, Regina pays homage to all this and also seeks to create awareness in all people to take care of the sea and the beings that live in and around it. Eternal lover of nature, Regina manages to immortalize and give life to those marine beings, citizens of the ocean. Each of the designs has been, like all his work, carefully studied to perfectly portray life under the sea.

A large number of marine beings pass along this line: horses and starfish, snails, shells, crabs, pineapples and different fish adorn and accentuate it. The highlight is in the materials, with which the designer experiments to achieve a delicate balance between elegance and spontaneity. Zirconia and emerald pyrites (placed one by one in each earring), as well as drops of different shapes and colors mounted on silver bezels come together in Litibú. All this has been worked with the expert hands of Regina's goldsmith workshop: a 100% Mexican artisan work, made of .925 blued silver, as well as pink and gold finishes, both bathed in 14-carat gold.

Discover all the designs that you can wear on the beach, in a meeting with friends or at an outdoor party. You decide how to combine them! This collection includes tones that are very much in keeping with marine life, with drops available in sweet white, jester red, turmeric, living coral, aspen gold, mango mojito, pepper stem, terrarium moss, and princess blue. Unleash all the power of the sea, and feel in tune with its elements through this collection, which will undoubtedly become one of your favorites this season.

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